Assessment and Testing

NWCA offers three different ways to assess student progress.

OAKS Testing: The OAKS, or Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills is used to assess students’ mastery of Oregon content standards. These tests are administered in English and cover information our students have been taught in Mandarin.
NWCA students take the OAKS tests each spring. In Spring 2013, 3rd – 5th grade students did very well by meeting or exceeding expectations!

Curriculum Assessments/Report Cards: In all grades, students are assessed by teachers throughout the year and given an assessment score for all subjects on their report cards. Families receive a separate report card for Chinese, English and Spanish at the end of each trimester. Periodic unit grades are given to families as well. Assessments are based on a combination of Oregon Education Department Standards by Design, Common Core Standards and NWCA expectations of students.

Chinese Language Proficiency Tests: Northwest Chinese Academy students also have the opportunity to take the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) test. The HSK is a standardized test of Chinese language proficiency. In 2015, 100% of the NWCA students who took the HSK passed.