science fair 2015

The Window Newsletter – The Annual Science Fair

The Northwest Chinese Academy was once again the site of the annual Science Fair . Dozens of scientists took center stage and wowed spectators with experiments and presentations . Our scientists spent weeks studying a topic of choice, writing hypotheses and conducting experiments . Once information was gathered, displays were created and presentations were written in both Chinese and English .

The Window Newsletter, December 2015

harvest party

The Window Newsletter – Harvest Party Fun!

The 21 members of our Phoenix Council worked feverishly preparing games and contests for NWCA’s annual Harvest Party for several weeks . They brainstormed ideas, voted for their favorites, formed teams, and went to work . Each team was assigned a game and had to decide how to play it . They compiled supply lists and created signs . They gathered everything they needed and placed it in a cubby… then waited .

The Window Newsletter, November 2015