The Year of the Monkey

2016 Chinese New Year Performance

2016 CNY -1

2016 CNY - 2

Hong Bao 2016

– by Principal Stacy Payne

The 2016 Hong Bao Gala was our most successful event yet, raising over $112,000! During the week following the gala, I spent some time reflecting on all that happened to make the evening such a success.

The 2015-2016 academic calendar had a staff in-service day scheduled the day prior to Hong Bao . That morning our teachers and administrative team worked with the Hong Bao Co-Chairs, Maryanne and LaTosha, to put the finishing touches on several projects . We put together bidder packets, checked to make sure auction packages were complete, created posters, and gathered decorations and supplies to be transported to Portland Golf Club (PGC) the following morning. Continue reading “The Year of the Monkey”

The Window Newsletter – The Annual Science Fair

The Northwest Chinese Academy was once again the site of the annual Science Fair . Dozens of scientists took center stage and wowed spectators with experiments and presentations . Our scientists spent weeks studying a topic of choice, writing hypotheses and conducting experiments . Once information was gathered, displays were created and presentations were written in both Chinese and English .

The Window Newsletter, December 2015

The Window Newsletter – Harvest Party Fun!

The 21 members of our Phoenix Council worked feverishly preparing games and contests for NWCA’s annual Harvest Party for several weeks . They brainstormed ideas, voted for their favorites, formed teams, and went to work . Each team was assigned a game and had to decide how to play it . They compiled supply lists and created signs . They gathered everything they needed and placed it in a cubby… then waited .

The Window Newsletter, November 2015