Gao Laoshi / Miss Emily

Childcare Center Director, Admissions & Marketing

Yuan (Emily) Gao joined NWCA in February 2014. Emily grew up in eastern China and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She has received a certificate of Worldwide Montessori Teacher Training. Emily has several years’ experience teaching in Mandarin Chinese programs in Great Portland. Prior to coming NWCA, she experienced teaching in public and private school settings. According to Emily, education should be learner-centered. She says,” I believe the most important thing a teacher can do is get to know their students. When you truly know what they enjoy and how they learn, you can develop a safe and enriching environment where everyone can be successful.” As an international educator, Emily feels that integrating both social and academic skills is important to the learning process. she said by teaching Chinese language and culture, she’s building a bridge between China and America and educating global citizens for the whole world. While in China, she worked at human resources and administration department in foreign capital enterprises.

Wang Laoshi

4th Grade Teacher

Dan Wang, was teaching at NWCA from September 2011 to June 2016 and will rejoin us as our 4/5th grade teacher this year. When she was in China, Dan attended Shan’xi Normal University, where she earned a Bachelor of Art degree in Chinese Language and Literature. After she came to U.S., she studied the Instructional Technology in Education at the University of Tennessee. Wang Laoshi says, “Teaching is a creative work that help students learn from experience, and explore the wonder of the world.  I found that teaching is a joyful and meaningful career.” She likes traveling, hiking, swimming, and camping. She look forward to meet our students, and wish to have a wonderful and productive school year with them.

Li Laoshi

3rd Grade Teacher

Biyi Li joined the teaching staff at NWCA in 2014 and will serve as our third grade teacher this year. A graduate of the University of the Pacific in California, she received a Master’s Degree in Special Education. She studied Psychology at Shanghai Normal University Tianhua College, which she says helped her recognize the mental development and behaviors in students of different ages. As a proverb says, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” Li laoshi feels that a good teacher is one who does all she can to make the students an important key to their educational experience. In her class, students are the center of the learning process. With the guidance of the teacher, students can better understand themselves and find their own learning styles on the basis of various personalities and hobbies. She says that being sensitive to notice student needs, passionate to inspire student minds and patient to guide their learning are her strengths.


Xiaoxiao Laoshi

2nd Grade Teacher

Chunxiao Lv  joined NWCA  last year as our preschool teacher.  She will serve as our 2nd Grade teacher this year. She graduated from Oregon State University. Her field of study was Human Development and Family Sciences with a focus on early childhood development. Xiaoxiao laoshi believes that every child should be able to have a full filled childhood and learn the world unconsciously while playing. With professional knowledge and enthusiasm, she is able to provide a safe, playful and enjoyable environment for children to learn through playing.


Huang Laoshi

Kindergarten Teacher

Limei joined the teaching staff at NWCA in the fall of 2015. She served her first year as our preschool teacher. She will return this year to work with our Kindergarten students. Limei has been an educator for 14 years because she would like to make a positive difference in children’s lives as some of her teachers did. She has played various roles during these years: she earned a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education; she has taught in classrooms (infant/toddler and preschool settings, after-school and Saturday Chinese programs); she has been a site director at a child development center; she has monitored education services for Head Start and Early Head Start programs; she has conducted trainings and assessments for infant/toddler and preschool programs; she has operated a language immersion family child care. With all the valuable knowledge, practices and experiences, she strongly believes in language immersion and is excited about being part of NWCA community.