Middle School

NWCA’s Middle School Program gives students who already have a background in Chinese immersion education the opportunity to continue their Chinese language studies through 8th grade in a more immersive environment.  Small class size cultivates a highly interactive learning experience and tailored instruction. Our program is designed to encourage personal growth while ensuring a high level of academic achievement and language fluency.

Mandarin curriculum at NWCA is developed using the highest standards. Chinese Language Arts and Mathematics are taught using text books from Beijing. These are the same text books that students in Beijing use, therefore our students reach an academic level that parallels their peers in China. Additional subjects such as Art, Music, Physical Education and Health are taught following the Oregon Department of Education Standards by Design and Common Core Standards. Teachers use American text books and translate lessons to Mandarin for use in the classroom. English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies are taught in English, also following the Oregon Department of Education Standards by Design and Common Core Standards.  Teachers ensure that students reach required education benchmarks.

Additional factors that set NWCA’s Middle School Program apart:

  • Daily instruction in Spanish is part of the middle school experience, with the goal of further expanding and developing knowledge of world languages and cultures.
  • NWCA tuition includes Homework Hour from 3:00 – 4:00pm on all school days. This provides homework and immersion learning support for all NWCA students.
  • Throughout the academic year, students participate in public performances in Mandarin Chinese – giving them further opportunity to build their confidence, language skills, and cross-cultural abilities.
  • Students can participate in special school events such as the annual tri-lingual Read-A-Thon, Student Council, Choir and Performance Troupe, Community Family Events and Saturday Enrichment opportunities.