China Trip 2015 Highlights

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China Trip 2015 Highlights

May 2015: Welcome to the second entry of the Principal’s Blog! Over Spring Break, 10 of our students, their parents and one teacher traveled to Beijing and Xian, China. We are extremely proud of our students. They applied all of their skills learned at NWCA during their exploratory trip to China and had a whirlwind experience in China.

I asked the students to write essays about their favorite travel experiences, here are a few reflections that stood out to me.



“This China trip was my very first time I ever went to China, and it was the most fun trip of my life! I had fun and got to experience a lot of fun things like bargaining, going to a Chinese school, shopping going on the subways, etc. Another part I liked about the trip was the Great Wall. To tell you the truth, I never thought the Great Wall was that interesting, until I really saw it. After that day in China, I always just wanted to go back” – Elizabeth, 5th Grade

“We took a subway to one of my favorite places, the Temple of Heaven. The Temple of Heaven is a massive maze of buildings and walls. In the park, there were many people playing badminton, table tennis and practicing Kung Fu. We walked and walked. The buildings were red, blue, green, yellow and gold. We also visited Beijing Zoo and Wangfujing Market where we interviewed Chinese citizens.” – Elliot, 3rd Grade

In addition to the student essays, we also asked a parent to reflect on her experiences during the China Trip.

“History was only a small part of our China trip experience – the language aspect flipped the parent-child relationship in many situations, particularly in restaurants. I remember one kid saying, “I’ve never seen the grown-ups so helpless.” This is when we couldn’t read the menu, ask the wait staff questions, or order food. We were in the mercy of our children to take the lead, and they did an awesome job! There was no doubt that the language skills learned at NWCA positioned these kids to confidently converse with native Chinese people in China.” – Angela, 5th Grade Student Parent

For the full versions of these reflections and more pictures, please read our newsletter, The Window – May 2015.

Stacy Payne, Principal, Northwest Chinese Academy


October 2014: Welcome to the first entry of the Principal’s Blog, where I hope to share some insight into the unique benefits of Northwest Chinese Academy.  To get this started, I thought I would share a recent email I received from a former NWCA student. In his note, Matias enforced what I already know – students who graduate from Northwest Chinese Academy receive an education that prepares them to excel in their future endeavors.  Not just in Chinese studies, but in all their subjects.  We’re so proud of our students and love hearing how they continue to use what they experienced while students at NWCA.


Hello Mrs. Stacy,

I just took a Chinese class at a Saturday school with a lot of other kids. It was a 6th grade class, the school had started the Saturday before so they had a test this Saturday. I took the test with the other kids, but the test was really easy. It wouldn’t have been easy if I hadn’t gone to NWCA. I am so happy that I went to NWCA, because it had prepared me really well. Thank you for my experience at North West Chinese Academy.

NWCA not only prepared me well in Chinese but also in Math. My dad helped me get into the advanced math course here and in just the first two weeks of school I have found I am the best.  I think Math has been easy for me at all the schools I have attended since NWCA because your curriculum is really good. But the advanced class moves relatively fast, we’ll see if I can keep up.

Thank you, Matias

For another alumni story, read this issue of our Window Newsletter.

Stacy Payne, Principal, Northwest Chinese Academy