NWCA 2016-2017 Test Results

Chinese Proficiency Testing: 

STAMP 4Se is a national exam we use to impartially evaluate our students against a larger cohort of Chinese immersion students. Students are tested from 2nd to 5th grade.

This test allows us to rate students’ language proficiency against the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines developed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

These charts show NWCA class average scores compared against the national average for the STAMP 4Se Assessment test (Mandarin).



STAMP Scale numbers 1-6 represent the following levels which can be mapped
to the ACTFL Standards:

1 = Novice-Low,  2 = Novice-Mid,  3 = Novice-High,  4 = Intermediate- Low,
5 = Intermediate-Mid,  6 = Intermediate-High

English & Math Proficiency Testing:

Smarter Balance is a test that measures our students against students in Oregon and other states on Common Core standards in math and English.  

Students who score Level 3 or 4 have met the standard of the grade level in that subject.  

Our students consistently outperform national and state averages for subject matter proficiency.

Science & Social Studies Proficiency Testing:

OAKS is an Oregon based standardized test that measures our students in the 5th grade in the subjects of Science and Social Studies.  

Students are given a score based on grade level and subject area, and is a pass/fail test assessed by Oregon Education Standards.

Our students consistently outperform the state averages for subject matter proficiency.