Why Chinese Immersion

The goals of NWCA are to develop students who have a strong foundation of Mandarin language, multicultural and critical-thinking skills to compete and contribute successfully in an increasingly interdependent global society.  We provide a school environment that supports cooperation, creativity, resourcefulness and the love of learning.

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Why Language Immersion Education

  • It is the most effective type of foreign language program.
  • Students acquire the language faster and better than students in traditional foreign language classes.
  • Produces the highest levels of language and cultural proficiency.
  • Develops more flexible thinking and has a positive effect on students’ cognitive development.
  • Students reach high levels of academic achievement on standardized test of both English reading and math.

“We wanted a Mandarin immersion program for our two kids, but NWCA gives them so much more than a language. This school also gives our kids an understanding and awareness of themselves in a global community. They love this school.”
– Kate and Brad, parents of two NWCA students