Why Chinese

“We wanted a Mandarin immersion program for our two kids, but NWCA gives them so much more than a language. This school also gives our kids an understanding and awareness of themselves in a global community. They love this school.”
-Kate and Brad J., parents of two NWCA students

The world has become increasingly interdependent – socially, culturally and financially. Fluency in English alone is no longer enough to compete and participate significantly in an era of globalization. Our children will need specialized knowledge and tools such as foreign language proficiency and a strong academic foundation that includes cross-cultural understanding and practical experience to increase their opportunities.

China is Oregon’s largest trading partner and recently replaced Japan as the world’s second largest economy. As home to nearly one-fourth of the world’s population, China is projected to become the world’s largest economy by 2026 — about the time our current first graders will be graduating from college.

China’s tremendous economic growth creates new challenges and opportunities for American businesses. It represents an immense market for American goods and services and serves as a critical supplier to American manufacturers and consumers. China has one of the most enduring world civilizations and enriches our present time as a major international cultural presence in the arts, philosophy, and cuisine.

Mandarin Chinese is an official language of the United Nations and was designated in 2006 as a “critical” needs foreign language by the U.S. Government. Today, only 60,000 out of 54 million elementary and secondary school children in the U.S. are learning Chinese. There is a shortage of Americans who achieve competency in this critically important language.

The Northwest Chinese Academy offers a rich and challenging pre-school through 6th grade academic curriculum immersed in Chinese language and culture.

The goals of NWCA are to develop students who have a strong foundation of Mandarin language, multicultural and critical-thinking skills to compete and contribute successfully in an increasingly interdependent global society.  We provide a school environment that supports cooperation, creativity, resourcefulness and the love of learning.