2019 Read-a-thon Wrap Up!

Last Thursday, April 25, Northwest Chinese Academy students celebrated the end of our annual Read-a-thon fundraiser. Coming off the heels of a successful National Reading Month in March (where some students logged over 10,000 pages of reading), Read-a-thon pushed students to read, read, and read some more, all while competing for prizes and raising money for NWCA.

Read-a-thon officially kicked off on April 9th with a full school assembly, where our Head of School, Martha Ortiz, outlined all of the fun Read-a-thon events planned as well as how Read-a-thon works. One of these activities, NWCA Reading Buddies, had already begun! Reading Buddies had older and younger classes spend time together in the library, in which the older students read to the younger students. The Reading Buddies time was embraced by all of the students, and it was heartwarming to see all of the students enjoying each others’ company.

Read-a-thon also featured D.E.A.R. Fridays, where from 3-3:30 on Friday Afternoons, students dropped everything and read. Never has campus ever been so quiet! Students were cozied up in every possible nook reading in both Chinese and English, while preschool, pre-K, and kindergarten students had extra storytime.

Then on April 25, in order to reward our students’ vigilant reading and fundraising, NWCA celebrated! Students were encouraged to come to school in pajamas, and students dressed to the nines in onesies of every shape and color. In the afternoon, students gathered in the Community Room, blankets and stuffed animals in hand, to see who had taken top prize! Before the ceremony, there was an all-school “Read-in” where each student read with their Reading Buddy, then in their pairs took turns contributing to our “How Many Kinds Words?” poster, and after the ceremony, students were able to relax and unwind by watching a movie together. Altogether, NWCA students raised over $1000 dollars for the school during Read-a-thon!

There were two different Read-a-thon categories where students could win prizes; highest number of minutes spent reading, and highest number of money earned through pledges. Here are the winners:

Highest Individual Total Minutes Read

Grades PS-K

Kathryn J. (PreK, 395 minutes)
Mireya X. (Preschool, 360 minutes)
Felicity R. (Preschool, 180 minutes)

Grades 1-5
Brayden S. (Grade 1, 2172 minutes)
Scarlett S. (Grade 5, 1030 minutes)
Lana W. (Grade 2, 620 minutes)

Highest Individual Total Pledges

Grades PS-K
Edith C. (PreK, $115)
Mireya X. (Preschool, $84)
Kathryn J. (PreK, $60)

Grades 1-5
Lana W. (Grade 2, $186)
Scarlett S. (Grade 5, $100)
Alana I. (Grade 4, $90)

Thank you to Aurora Ma for taking photos during the ceremony!