Gao Laoshi / Miss Emily

Childcare Center Director, Admissions & Marketing

Yuan (Emily) Gao joined NWCA in February 2014. Emily grew up in eastern China and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She has received a certificate of Worldwide Montessori Teacher Training. Emily has several years’ experience teaching in Mandarin Chinese programs in Great Portland. Prior to coming NWCA, she experienced teaching in public and private school settings. According to Emily, education should be learner-centered. She says,” I believe the most important thing a teacher can do is get to know their students. When you truly know what they enjoy and how they learn, you can develop a safe and enriching environment where everyone can be successful.” As an international educator, Emily feels that integrating both social and academic skills is important to the learning process. she said by teaching Chinese language and culture, she’s building a bridge between China and America and educating global citizens for the whole world. While in China, she worked at human resources and administration department in foreign capital enterprises.