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2016 Chinese New Year Performance

2016 CNY -1

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Hong Bao 2016

– by Principal Stacy Payne

The 2016 Hong Bao Gala was our most successful event yet, raising over $112,000! During the week following the gala, I spent some time reflecting on all that happened to make the evening such a success.

The 2015-2016 academic calendar had a staff in-service day scheduled the day prior to Hong Bao . That morning our teachers and administrative team worked with the Hong Bao Co-Chairs, Maryanne and LaTosha, to put the finishing touches on several projects . We put together bidder packets, checked to make sure auction packages were complete, created posters, and gathered decorations and supplies to be transported to Portland Golf Club (PGC) the following morning.

I arrived at PGC the next morning to join several parents and Board members in getting the venue ready. We worked feverishly to hang decorations, display Silent Auction items, place pictures of our beautiful students on tables, organize registration, and get things ready for the party. The venue looked stunning!

Arriving at the Portland Golf Club later that afternoon, I couldn’t help but feel the excitement – the party had started! Beautifully dressed people were picking up their bidder packets, checking out the Silent Auction items, purchasing bottles from the Wall of Wine, nibbling on appetizers, and enjoying a beverage or two. Several fourth and fifth grade students were selling chances to win the Golden Ticket Raffle and the opportunity to play the game Heads or Tails.

The tables were filled with parents and friends. Our fantastic teachers and staff members were seated at several tables – it was great to see so many of them there! Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves!

KGW’s Drew Carney was our emcee again this year and was joined on the stage once more by professional auctioneer Kelly Russell. They are a terrific team! They started the evening by choosing the winner of the Golden Ticket Raffle. Rumor has it the winners are planning to attend next year’s People’s Choice Awards! They next led the group in a very fun game of Heads or Tails.

The friendly bidding war began! It was fun to see what people were bidding on and who went home with the coveted items. A beautiful video highlighting NWCA was shown, followed by alumnus Anisha speaking on the impact Northwest Chinese Academy has had on her, and about the opportunities our school affords its students.

I smiled as I remembered the fun of the evening. The NWCA community is caring and supportive. What a blessing it is to be a part of it.

Thank you to our wonderful Hong Bao team: Maryanne Stebbins, LaTosha Wilson, Alithea Corter-Bell, Lynda Travis, Laura Schultz and Anita DeHaan; your tireless work produced a fabulous party! I am grateful for all of you!

Thanks to the wonderful teachers, parents, friends and community members for their continued support of NWCA. Your generous donation of time, talent and resources has helped raised $112,250 for our school! We wouldn’t be who we are without you!

Xin Nian Kuai Le, everyone!

2016 Hong Bao -1

2016 Hong Bao -2