Letter of Introduction from our new Principal, Martha Anderson Ortiz:

June 2018

Dear NWCA Community,

Let me express my excitement to be joining the NWCA Community as Principal in July 2018.

I would like to thank all of you who were important in my own NWCA “education.” I thank the students and teachers who warmly welcomed me to their classrooms, and allowed me to see NWCA in action. I thank the families who proudly shared their NWCA experiences with my family and me during the March Open House. I am grateful to Interim Principal Grace Yin for her leadership this past year and for being so open in introducing the school to me. The time and attention given to me by the entire Board has been invaluable. And before long, I will be proud to call myself a NWCA Community member.

I started studying Chinese because of one of the main values of the Chinese culture: warmth (热情). The warmth of the first Chinese teachers I met persuaded me to choose to study Chinese over other languages. The warmth of the individuals I met in China during my first visit persuaded me to move there, and I stayed for twelve more years. This same warmth has been evident to me in every interaction I have had so far with every NWCA Community member. I look forward to working with the Community to keep that warmth alive and well at NWCA.
In fact, NWCA is at several important junctures: moving to a new campus this summer, changes in leadership, and the creation of strategic plans. Though changes have the potential to be unsettling, they are also exciting and important for NWCA’s growth and development. These transitions will ensure that NWCA’s position as a leader in Mandarin immersion education develops its students’ 21st century skills—critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. In my work as Principal, I hope to support all members of the Community through these changes, and actively engage everyone in the process.

In my past leadership roles in China, I helped develop academically rigorous immersion programs that used best practices for student growth in safe and joyful environments. I look forward to bringing my experiences to the multicultural and multilingual NWCA Community. This is just one of the many reasons that I am eager to join NWCA, because for me, these kinds of communities are the most exciting.

I will begin attending NWCA meetings and events in June, which will afford me a head start on learning about each and every one of you. We will begin our formal journey together when I begin as Principal in mid-July. I look forward to working alongside you very soon.

With warmth and gratitude,

Martha Anderson Ortiz 欧莎