NWCA Celebrates Moon Festival

Little friends, do you know why we are all here today?

Students: To make moon cakes!

Teacher: Why do we need to make moon cakes?

Students: It’s Moon Festival!!!

The Moon Festival finally arrived! The little ones were all excited; they couldn’t wait to make their own moon cakes. This Monday, September 24th was August 15th on the Lunar calendar. It was well known as the Chinese Moon Festival. The students from NWCA preschool to 2nd grade gathered together in the community room to celebrate.

As teachers prepared for the moon cake making activity, the Kindergarten teacher, Huang Laoshi, told students the story about Houyi shooting down nine suns and his wife Chang‘e flying to the moon. She also introduced some traditional foods for this special festival: moon cakes, grapefruit and water chestnuts. The preschool teacher, Donna Laoshi, had samples for all. She also brought in a moon cake and some snails for students to see (river snails are a traditional Moon Festival dinner delicacy). None of the students could believe that snails are edible.

The materials were all set and the students were also ready, gloves on hands, for the fun. Donna Laoshi showed everyone the ingredients used to make the moon cake dough. Next, she demonstrated how to flatten a small piece of dough to wrap around a red bean paste center. The last step was to put the stuffed dough ball into a mold to imprint a pretty pattern on to the moon cake. Then, the students took their turns. Busy little hands worked hard to keep the red bean paste inside the dough. Excited faces showed their amazement at the designs on the moon cakes when they came out of the molds.

“Teacher, can we eat the moon cakes now?” and “Teacher, can we take the moon cakes home?” or “Teacher, what if my moon cakes are gone from the refrigerator?” were common questions heard by all the teachers. Waiting can be such a hard thing for young children. Therefore, don’t wait too long for a reunion. Get together with family! Get together with friends! It is what Moon festival is all about – be round and be united, just like the full moon.








“老师,我们现在可以吃月饼了吗?” “老师,我们可以把月饼带回家吗?” “老师,如果我的月饼不见了怎么办?” …… 等待,对小孩子来说是一件难事。所以,不要等太久了,团聚吧!家人们,聚在一起吧;朋友们,聚在一起吧!中秋节的寓意就是团圆、相聚,像满月一样。