Stock Donations

Instructions for Donations of Stock to Northwest Chinese Academy (NWCA)

Step 1: Complete Transfer

If the shares are held at a securities firm or other brokerage account, instruct the institution where securities are held to transfer the shares to the Northwest Chinese Academy (NWCA) account at TD Ameritrade:
DTC # 0188
Account # 863-501-961

Instruct your broker to enter identifying information (i.e. your name and address, phone number, account number, broker information) into the “Text Comment” field of the DTC screen.

If certificates/shares are in your physical possession:

  1. You must send us a Letter of Authorization.
  2. The signature of the person(s) named on the certificate(s) must be either on the back of the certificate(s) or on a Stock Power Form. Should you require a Stock Power Form, click on this link:
  3. NWCA’s TDAmeritrade account number (#863-501-961) should be written on the face of the certificate(s).
  4. These above named items: Letter of Authorization, Certificate(s), and Stock Power Form (if applicable) should be sent by a tracked mail system for security purposes (i.e. Federal Express, Registered Mail, etc.) to our broker at the following address:

    TD Ameritrade
    P.O. Box 2209
    Omaha, NE
    Phone: 800-669-3900
    Fax: 866-468-6268

Step 2: Notify NWCA of Gift

Please note:
Be certain to notify NWCA of your/your client’s stock gift. Stock donations transferred directly to TDAmeritrade arrive in our account with no donor information. For NWCA to provide a receipt for a stock gift it is essential that we know the donor’s name and address as well as the type of stock, number of shares, and expected date of transfer.

Notify NWCA of your gift by e-mail at

Should you require it, NWCA’s Employer Identification Number (EIN)/Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) is: 26-3036492.

Receipts for stock gifts, provided that we have the donor’s contact information and gift details, are generally sent during the first week of the month following the month in which the stock transfer took place.

Thank you for your support!