Why Chinese Immersion

The goals of NWCA are to develop students who have a strong foundation of Mandarin language, multicultural and critical-thinking skills to compete and contribute successfully in an increasingly interdependent global society.  We provide a school environment that supports cooperation, creativity, resourcefulness and the love of learning.

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Why Language Immersion Education

  • It is the most effective type of foreign language program.
  • Students acquire the language faster and better than students in traditional foreign language classes.
  • Produces the highest levels of language and cultural proficiency.
  • Develops more flexible thinking and has a positive effect on students’ cognitive development.
  • Students reach high levels of academic achievement on standardized test of both English reading and math.

“We wanted a Mandarin immersion program for our two kids, but NWCA gives them so much more than a language. This school also gives our kids an understanding and awareness of themselves in a global community. They love this school.”
– Kate and Brad, parents of two NWCA students

What is Comprehensive Immersion?

The Northwest Chinese Academy’s comprehensive immersion program offers a unique curriculum comprising math, science, social studies, music, art and physical education. All subjects, with the exception of English language arts, are taught in Chinese. Students spend their day hearing and using Chinese. As a result, our students achieve fluency in Mandarin Chinese, advanced proficiency in reading and writing, and an intuitive understanding of cross-cultural communications – giving them the confidence to thrive in a global society.